1. Even With the Advancements of Prosthetic Socket Technology, You Need to be Well Prepared When Traveling

    Even with the advancements of prosthetic socket technology, you need to be well prepared when traveling. As an amputee, you take extra precautions when doing things that are otherwise normal. For example, when going to the beach for a day of swimming and fun in the sun, you likely pack a lot more items than your friends as a precautionary measure. This is something all amputees need to keep in min…Read More

  2. Regardless of How Updated Prosthetic Limb Technology Might Be, It is Still Very Important You Properly Care for Your Limb and Skin

    In our last post, we were discussing the importance of limb care and skin care for amputees. Regardless of how updated prosthetic limb technology might be, it is still very important you properly care for your limb and skin. Here are a few more skin care and prosthetic tips you might find useful. One important thing to keep in mind that your limb is covered much of the time, so when it is exposed,…Read More

  3. Even with the Latest Prosthetic Socket Technology, Proper Limb and Skin Care is Very Important

    Even with the latest prosthetic socket technology, proper limb and skin care is very important. Prosthetic sockets trap sweat and prevent air from properly circulating around the residual limb. This can cause a paradise for bacteria. Infections from bacteria and fungal infections lead to skin irritation and breakdown. This is something you don't want to leave unchecked. So here are a few tips in l…Read More

  4. With Advances in Prosthetic Socket Technology, There is No Limit to What You Can Do

    Amputees battle an uphill challenge every day, and at so many levels, from social to spiritual to physical and emotional. Emotional response to an amputation is different with every individual as well as their family. They all, however, suffer loss and a sense of grief. Just how people respond to an amputation depends largely on their unique make-up and personality as well as their support system…Read More