Our founders sought to change not only the way patients are treated, but the very way in which the treatments and procedures were performed. ADAPTEC has developed new techniques and fitting procedures that have revolutionized prosthetic care in Colorado and the surrounding states. Our patient care model allows us to focus completely on our patients eliminating fabrication delays and providing immediate care. We never want our patients to have to wait days or weeks to be seen for a fitting or adjustment. You can expect to be seen the same day you need care and to be treated like part of our family. Same day care is a new concept in the Prosthetic field, our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and allow you to live your life at your pace and aspire to do what you want to do. As a large private practice we are able to provide better care …faster. Our clinicians have their patients best interests in mind. We are not accountable to share holders or monthly sales goals. Adaptec specialized in some of the most difficult prosthetic cases in the state. Our staff has a combined 41 years of experience in upper extremity, lower extremity and pediatric prosthetic care. Our practice is committed to research and development in the prosthetic and orthotic field. Adaptec continues to develop innovative technologies and prosthetic systems that enhance patient performance and comfort.