Welcome to our Family…

prosthetic-1The most important component of our initial visit is always to get to know you. To understand your goals, expectations and the challenges you have experienced in your journey to us. Our practitioners are available on a no wait basis. Expect to be scene at your earliest convenience. During our initial visit we develop a comprehensive care plan with your input and develop a prosthetic prescription that optimizes prosthetic functionality with your goals. There are many new components and technologies available, our goal is to educate you and your family to the best of our ability so you can make the necessary decisions that will eventually maximize your prosthetic potential. During this visit we will decide on different components to trial, how you would like the prosthesis to suspend, weight, special adaptations and high tech graphics! The components you and your prosthetist are ordered at this time. Once the components arrive you are ready to be fit!

Our Process:

After your initial evaluation and insurance consultation with our trained authorization experts we will design your new prosthesis together.

Your Day will begin with a Hand cast in most cases. The casting process typically takes 30 minutes. After the negative impression has been taken your model will be digitized into a computer. From this point the Model will be modified by your prosthetist (may of our patients enjoy helping us modify their own sockets. After the modification process is complete your socket is now ready to be fabricated. Through the use of automated 3D Printer and auto formers the computer generated socket is fabricated in one hour.

At this point you will be walking on your new prosthetic system. In most cases a laser alignment is performed to optimize alignment and maximize energy return from the prosthesis. You can expect to take home and trial your new prosthesis in the environment you are most familiar with.

Adaptec was established as a specialty patient care facility that focuses on complex amputations and advanced prosthetic fittings for patients. Individuals that need a new solution and a team dedicated to designing prosthetic systems that deliver an new level of functionablity and comfort. We pride ourselves in providing the very best patient care and customer service. We want you to be comfortable and be able to perform up to your expectations, our team is committed to do whatever it takes to get you there!

At Adaptec with our technology we are able to design prosthetic systems that are not available anywhere else in the country…

Bprosthetic-2elow knee (Trans-Tibial) Solutions:

X-LIM Flexible socket with soft cushion bottom… Imagine a socket that moves with you. A socket that has a custom formed silicone pad in the bottom of the socket… comfort to the max!

Two Stage BK socket with integrated vacuum pump… This unique design offers the convenience of a pin suspension with the physiologic benefits of vacuum technology!
The two stage design protects the sleeve from damage.

Above Knee Solutions:

prosthetic-3Two stage AK (Transfemoral)

This amazing design allows you to keep your internal socket on which maintains your alignment, rotation control and suspension in a very comfortable half socket (the socket only goes half way up your leg). The inner socket can then be connected to an outer frame which is connected the socket brim and the prosthetic knee unit. This unique design allows extreme comfort when sitting, or even going on a long drive because the external socket can be removed with ease so there is no socket material that is close to the groin area and you are not sitting on hard socket material.

Experience the comfort… Of the X-LIM AK vacuum socket today!

Bionic Technology

Adaptec is the front runner in Colorado on leading Bionic technologies. With over 41 years combined experience and expertise in fitting the most advanced prosthetic componentry.

Adaptec Prosthetics research and development team has co-designed the world’s first intelligent socket system which is adapted to help suspend and control all of the bionic technology. Microprocessor controlled feet, knees and arms are fantastic technology… They are also relatively heavy technologies… A better socket and suspension system is critical when fitting these bionic components to truly realize their benefits!