In our last post, we were discussing the importance of limb care and skin care for amputees. Regardless of how updated prosthetic limb technology might be, it is still very important you properly care for your limb and skin. Here are a few more skin care and prosthetic tips you might find useful.

One important thing to keep in mind that your limb is covered much of the time, so when it is exposed, make sure you use sunscreen. Though you may be tempted, so not shave your limb as the shorter hairs have a tendency to get pushed back into the leg and can become ingrown hairs which may lead to infection.

Do not use alcohol on your limb or any type of product you are not familiar with. Even talcum powder can cause abrasions, so use with caution. If you have reduced or no sensation in your residual limb, you need to check it more frequently for problems. Also, avoid hot water and exposure to the sun because you could burn it without knowing.

When it comes to prosthetic care, you will want to wash all parts of your prosthesis that comes in contact with your skin with warm water and mild soap every day. Again, show some patience and allow the prosthesis to dry completely before putting it on. For care of the liners, carefully follow the manufacturers’ instructions. If you are having trouble with your prosthesis, don’t make adjustments on your own, call your prosthetist right away instead.

We hope these tips help you get the most from your prosthesis without having to deal with the difficulties of skin problems.