1. Even with the Latest Prosthetic Socket Technology, Proper Limb and Skin Care is Very Important

    Even with the latest prosthetic socket technology, proper limb and skin care is very important. Prosthetic sockets trap sweat and prevent air from properly circulating around the residual limb. This can cause a paradise for bacteria. Infections from bacteria and fungal infections lead to skin irritation and breakdown. This is something you don't want to leave unchecked. So here are a few tips in l…Read More

  2. Technological Advances in Prosthetics Include the Bionic Prosthetic Socket

    It is estimated there are in the neighborhood of 1.7 million people in the United States who are currently living with the loss of a limb. Do a little math and you will conclude that in America, one out of every 200 people has had an amputation. But just why do all these amputations occur? There are any number of reasons people suffer an amputation, with the majority due to complications with diab…Read More

  3. You Should Always Consider Unforeseen Things That Can Happen to Your Bionic Prosthetic Socket, Prosthesis or Residual Limb

    As an amputee, you should always consider unforeseen things that can happen to your bionic prosthetic socket, prosthesis or residual limb. You always need to be prepared for things like increased perspiration from humid conditions or dry conditions that cause changes in your skin. You also need to be aware of things that can affect how your prosthesis fits, like how increased salt intake can cause…Read More