Even with the advancements of prosthetic socket technology, you need to be well prepared when traveling. As an amputee, you take extra precautions when doing things that are otherwise normal. For example, when going to the beach for a day of swimming and fun in the sun, you likely pack a lot more items than your friends as a precautionary measure. This is something all amputees need to keep in mind this holiday season when many of you will be traveling to see friends and family. When traveling, there are several unforeseen circumstances that can occur, so it is in your best interest to stay prepared.

Before embarking on your holiday journey, make sure you thoroughly inspect your prosthetic device. Look for cracks, tears and loose parts that might cause a problem down the road. Take the extra time to tighten any nut or bolt that might be loose and don’t hesitate to have your prosthetist look over your gear. If you are heading to a place like a ski resort or mountain cabin, it will be a difficult task finding someone to make repairs of your prosthesis.

A large part of controlling and preventing abrasions to the skin and reducing odor is in the daily use of antiperspirants. If you are planning on spending your holidays in a warm climate, luck you, then this becomes a greater concern.

And even the snow might be falling in the area you are spending your holiday, the air can still be rather dry. For this reason, make sure you pack plenty of creams and lotions to apply to your limb to reduce dry and cracked skin. Also, you might find yourself indulging in extra activities which can cause skin problems if not correctly moisturized.

Should you suffer an abrasion or skin irritation while on your holiday trip, you want to be sure you have enough cleanser. You cannot rely on hotel soaps as they are harsh and heavily perfumed. You need to also make sure you have plenty of antibiotics packed.

Whatever medications you might be taking, bring extra of everything. Bringing just what you anticipate, you will need for your holiday vacation leaves no room for emergency situations. For example, you might get snowed in and have to extend your visit by a day or two so best if you are prepared for the worst.

Pack well and enjoy your holiday travels.