1. With Advances in Prosthetic Socket Technology, There is No Limit to What You Can Do

    Amputees battle an uphill challenge every day, and at so many levels, from social to spiritual to physical and emotional. Emotional response to an amputation is different with every individual as well as their family. They all, however, suffer loss and a sense of grief. Just how people respond to an amputation depends largely on their unique make-up and personality as well as their support system…Read More

  2. You Should Always Consider Unforeseen Things That Can Happen to Your Bionic Prosthetic Socket, Prosthesis or Residual Limb

    As an amputee, you should always consider unforeseen things that can happen to your bionic prosthetic socket, prosthesis or residual limb. You always need to be prepared for things like increased perspiration from humid conditions or dry conditions that cause changes in your skin. You also need to be aware of things that can affect how your prosthesis fits, like how increased salt intake can cause…Read More

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