As an amputee, you need to deal with everything from prosthetic limb sockets to socks for your prosthesis. This means that when you decide to take that vacation of your dreams, you need to plan a little better than most people. All trips require a certain degree of planning, but for an amputee, more time and preparation will be necessary. There are a number of resources available online that will help an amputee make their vacation as smooth as possible. Here are a few tips we have gathered that you should follow when planning your dream vacation.

The first thing you will want to do is inspect your prosthesis. You want to check for warning signs that include cracks or tears, loose parts or any strange noises that may occur when your prosthesis is in use. Any problems you discover with your prosthesis will need to be remedied before you leave on your trip. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than having a prosthesis break down. It is also recommended you give your prosthesis a good washing before you leave on your trip.

Whatever items you utilize with your prosthesis needs to be packed, with extra of everything you use. So you need to pack extra socket liners, socks tape for repairs, toolkits and bags to protect your prosthesis from the elements.

Wearing loose clothing is recommended when going through airport security. This will make it easier to show your prosthesis if need be.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy the vacation of your dreams.