In prosthetics there are many way to suspend (or hold on) a prosthesis. The most advanced method is elevated vacuum technology.

Adaptec Prosthetics is a Colorado Vacuum Center of Excellence. At our laboratory we have perfected the art of vacuum suspension. Puck technology is the future of prosthetic vacuum, the Puck Vacuum systems are the only internal vacuum systems available on the market. This patent pending technology creates a linkage between your limb and the prosthesis that is so effective that there is no movement between your limb and the socket… Giving you maximum control and function to do what you want to do… When you want to do!

Vacuum is the only suspension that can physiologically change your limb health by pulling fluids, blood and nutrients down into your limb. This wonderful technology prevents wound, improves circulation and increases function.

If you have not been able to be fit with a trouble free vacuum system…

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