same-dayAdaptec Prosthetics has revolutionized prosthetic care in Colorado… We begin each fitting with a hand cast of your residual limb. The model is then optimized and modified on our software system. The digital file of your limb is then sent to automatic 3D socket printers and formers and the socket is precision built to your weight, limb shape and activity level. We believe in getting your prosthesis fit the same day of your casting. Your limb is constantly changing, any delay in the fitting if the initial socket can adversely affect your socket fit. Not to mention… who wants to wait to get walking. The most important component of your prosthesis is the socket. Adaptec stores your digital file of your socket forever. New sockets, socket changes, modifications and your socket alignment can be easily duplicated / changed / or even sent to another facility in the event of an emergency or an out of state vacation stay! Exact copies of sockets can be made for shower prostheses, sport prostheses and vocation specific devices. Same day adjustment and alignment appointments are available anytime you need care (no wait…not ever). Laser alignment and modular components are used to make fast changes in function and performance. A cornerstone of our technology is allowing you to trial different suspension systems (the means the prosthesis adheres to your body) all in the same socket. This advanced socket technology allows you to decide what is best for you.